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Sticker Printing

We can print just about any form and size that you can think of. if you would like to receive a quotation we will need to following information from you:

stickers, digitally printed or litho printed

Stickers - Any shape, Any size.

Litho printed or digitally printed



  • The amount of stickers
  • The size of the stickers
  • The amount of colours in the design being printed. This is only a factor if a high number are ordered, as we will use the litho printing method instead of the digital printing method.

We do however have a minimum amount for sticker or label printing, which is R250 excl VAT. Therefore, if you only want one tiny sticker, it will still cost you R250 excl VAT.

Where it concerns sticker printing, we make use of 2 different processes each with its own pros and cons. In low quantities, of approximately 90 x 50mm (the size of a business card) is it not cost effective for us and thus not worth litho printing less than 1500 stickers, and therefore we would rather print it digitally. The pro of digital printing on stickers is that the lead time is a great deal shorter, because it is a much faster process plus we can do any shape and size without the client necessarily paying more.

In the case of litho printing, we only have certain amount of molds and therefore it will usually mean that we quote you on the size, closest to what the clients is asking for. if the client insists on a specific size or form that we do not have, we suggest that a die or mold is especially prepared. The cost of this amounts to the region of about R6000 excl. if you order litho printed stickers os labels, it will be supplied in rolls of a 1000 stickers per roll. We regularly get clients that prefer to receive the stickers individually and thus not in rolls. But the only way to do this is to cut out the stickers individually by hand, and for this we ask an exstra 50c per stickers. Litho printing takes between 10 and 16 working days to complete.


Bumper stickers

The average and practical size for a bumper sticker is +- 200 x 70mm. A bumper sticker of this size will cost R4.20 each. The minimum amount of bumper stickers we print is 30 and there is no maximum. People can keep in mind that if bumper stickers are printed digital or litho it can fade after about 1 year if it is constantly exposed to the sun.

Wine labels

Wine labels

Creating custom wine labels has gained popularity over the years,with people needing labels for wedding favours, holiday and gifts and promotional campaigns. The increase in home winemaking has contributed significantly, with hundreds of thousands of people over the world making their own wine labels instead of buying it. In this area you can save on costs by supplying your own wine bottles and sticking the labels yourself.




Computer Tags

With computer tags there is a wide variety to choose from, it ranges from normal stickers printed in full colour to engraved rowmark tags.

We can also dome any sticker (Transparent resin coat). The price ranges, depending on the size and quantity of the stickers, between about R5 and R8. It is a

sign of professionalism to apply your company name and contact details on your electrical equipment. It will also work as an advantage for advertising your business.

One way vision (Mesh Vinyl)

You can apply mesh vinyl on your shop, office or vehicle windows.
This can be applied to cover up the window so that no one can see through your windows. You can see clearly from the inside to the outside.

The price on the mesh vinyl is R650 m². This price includes lamination and application on your property.
The lamination of mesh vinyl is highly recommended, it protects the vinyl against scratches and vandalism.

  • Vehicle signage and full colour chromadek stickers

On a flat smooth surface we only print on monomeric vinyl. On a surface with curves we only use polymeric cast vinyl, it is thinner and more flexible. In the case were we do a full colour wrap on a vehicle, we also use polymeric cast vinyl.
Visit our vehicle signage page for more information on vehicle signage.

Bottle Labels

We are able to print any amount of labels, depending on your specific need. We have an option of laminating labels to prevent smudging due to condensation. Various sizes and shapes to choose from.

Sandblast Vinyl

This type of vinyl gives a very professional look to glass doors and office windows.

Sandblast vinyl
Sandblast vinyl cutout on windows

It weakens the people’s ability to look through your windows, especially if you apply large solid pieces of sandblast vinyl.
The cost on sandblast vinyl and the application of it on your property is R500 m².




Domed Stickers

Doming is a finishing process that applies a clear liquid polyurethane in a metered dose to the top surface of a decal, label or nameplate. The liquid material, which is the consistency of honey, flows to the edge of the vinyl shape and is trapped by capillary attraction to the edge. The liquid is then cured to produce a finished product with a 3D domed, bubbled, or lens effect.

We have special equipment to dome 3000 stickers per day. These stickers are also known as gel stickers, resin stickers or even 3D stickers. The stickers have a neat durable appearance and are widely used on electronic equipment and even on corporate gifts.

Domed stickers
Domed stickers - Digitally printed & resin coated

Domed products require all corners to have at least a small radius or the polyurethane will bleed of the edge. Virtually any shape with full colour or black and white printing can be domed. We can print and dome directly from your artwork or do the design for you. The final product has a high-class enhanced appearance that is scratch and moisture resistant. Typical uses for domed decals include labels, product identification stickers, medals inserts, trophy insets and name badges.
We even manufacture domed coasters. Virtually any shape can be printed in full colour, cut and domed. There are however,

limitations on size. We can dome from 10 to 10 000 items to give your product that professional finish.

With Big quantities of stickers, around 2000 or more, it is more cost effective to use the litho printing process.

With litho printing only certain sizes can be printed due to the fact that litho printing uses 15 different sized "molds". You will notice that in some cases the smaller stickers are more expensive than per unit than some of the bigger sized stickers, the reason for this is that those spicific sizes does not fit in perfectly on a standard sized roll and than have a bigger amount of waste material from the "off cut"

Magnetic Stickers

There are two types of magnetic stickers: Fridge Magnets (0.4mm thick) and Car Magnets. We are able to design and complete your magnetic stickers solution for you. Although there is no standard size, the most popular size for fridge magnets is 90x50mm, and 300x400mm for car magnets

  • Round, square & rectangular shaped magnet stickers
  • Stickers are perfect for any business promotion gifts and advertising
  • Printed full color for maximum effect
  • Print and cut

Please take notice that on some of these options digital artwork can be cheaper
Take notice that the litho printing process can take up to 5 days longer than digital printing

Magnetic car stickers

The minimum amount that we print stickers for are R120 excl. vat, thus if you only need one sticker it will cost you R120 excl. vat unless you order more stickers to make up for the R120. You can also UV protect your stickerts by laminating it with clear vinyl for an additional fee.

We have specials on Sticker Printing and Magnetic Stickers and other products from time to time, if you want to recieve notices on new specials, join our mailing list here

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are printed on 0.6mm magnet sheets.

Fridge magnets
Fridge magnets

The amount of colours printed, only becomes a factor on quantities larger than +/- 3000. Although additional in cost, we are able to supply any magnet shape. A typical amount of 2000 magnets, 50mm x 50mm, printed in full colour will cost you approximately R1.50 each and a 100mm x 100mm will cost you R6.20. Prices are estimated on a sliding scale of the more the quantity the lesser the unit price and vice versa.

We can deliver your Sticker Printing and Magnetic Stickers in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg, Fourways, Randburg and surrounding areas for R90 including VAT.

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