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Chromadek Signs

Chromodek sign are probably themost common outdoor billboard sign. One big advantage of Chromodek sign above flex-face signs ( where we make use of reinforced PVC banner material, which isspanned across a steel frame) is that chromodek signs are more hard-wearing and will withstand the elements for longer. In some cases, for example where new development are advertised, and the signs don't have to be up for more than a year, people will rather make use of the flexface signs.

Chromodeksigns are standard 1.225 meters wide an infinte in length. Thus it is important to know that if your sign is wider than 1.2 metres, that two panels will be pop riveted to each other. if your need is a sign of approximately 1.5 metres in width, it will be wise to rather restrict it to 1.225 metres and to accomodate and change your design to rather increase the length than the width.

Chromodek is also available in pre-cut sizes of 2.450mm x 1.225mm and also 1.850mm x 925mm. The most common of these pre-cut sizes are 2.450mm x 1.225mm. A sign like this, mounted on a 25mm suare tubing frame, laminated with clear vinyl for extra protection, will cost R2300 excl VAT. if we would erect this chromodek in the Pretoria area against a flat surface, 0-5 metres in height, it will cost you approximately R1200 excl VAT.

Where it comes to the face or the printing of the signs, it depends on how the printing was done and they are as follows:

  • A full colour digital print
  • A full colour digital print laminated with see through vinyl or liquid laminated.
  • Vinyl cut out lettering and shapes (in this case you can't use photos and also not very fine detail nor a lot of colours in the design)

Vinyl cut out lettering ranges from 1-2 year budget vinyl, to a very durable 7-10 year (European standards) vehicle cast grade vinyl.

Depending on the above mentioned option chosen, the print or the face in direct sunlight after approximately 6 months start to fade and in the case of non-laminated print work 4 year before the face will start to fade where a sign is permanently exposed to direct sunlight. In the case of outdoor signs that are not exposed to direct UV rays from the sun, this period ranges between 3 to 30 years and sometimes longer.

Chromodek sheets are treated with specific chemicals that are produced specifically for this goal, to make sure it does not rust.

To give you an idea of the costs involved with these chromodek signs, you can multiply the surface area of the chromodek sign with R750 per squre metre. A typical quotation that you will receive from us for a chromodek sign will read as follows:

xxxx mm, digitlly printed in 1- full colour on monomeric vinyl, applied onto the chromodek, laminated with clear vinyl: (R570 per square metre)

Liquid laminated: (R510 per square metre)

Mounted onto a 25mm x 25mm square tubing frame: (+R220 per square metre)

2 x76mm square tubing poles, 3.5 metres in length: +R700

Erected in Pretoria or Johannesburg: (+-R400 per m2, depending on where and hoe high from the ground etc.)

Turnaround time: xx days


chromodek board mounted on square tubing laminated with clear vinyl
Chromodek sign - mounted on 25mm square tubing, laminated with clear vinyl









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We can deliver your Signs in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg, Fourways, Randburg and surrounding areas for R90 including vat.

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